3rd November, 2014

Welcome to the first Photo Story at The Ministry. We are proud to show you the work of Moe Chakiri – an Oslo based photographer that uses his Leica to catch the perfect moments of his travels and life. November 28th you can visit his first exhibition at Cyan Gallery in Oslo.

Here’s his story from Morocco on the way to find his grandmother.


It all started with a feeling of curiousity.
My mom always told me about my grandmother that I’ve never met, that she’s so old no one really knows her birthday. I was afraid I’d never meet her alive.
So one day I asked my boss for a couple of months off, I booked my flight and the next thing I know I’m in Africa with a backpack and my Leica camera.
The warm smell of asphalt and the orange color reflecting the country of the sheltering sun gives me a home sensation, but yet I’m not.
The people here are more open than a 7-Eleven corner shop and doesn’t fear to approach you with a reality check. It’s not easy getting away after taking someones photo here. Someone screams ”are you putting me up on YouTube?”, I laugh and keep on walking.
I prepare myself to call the number I got to my grandmother. It’s late but I can’t wait. I can hear the tone ring and my stomach twists. Someone answers, I can hear a deep voice asking who this is… I give a late reply saying; – I’m your grandson. All I hear is silence. Seconds pass and I hear a lot of voices in the background. She recognize me and cries so much she can’t get her words out. The phone is handed over to my unknown uncle. A super excited voice tells me to give him my address. He also tells me to get ready to be picked up by my grandmothers chauffeur.
I stop and wonder who this lady is. Two hours later I’m in a black Mercedes Benz on my way to the countryside – to meet my only grandmother.

These photos are the scenes I stole with me on my quest to my 100+/- year old grandmother


Photography by Moe Ali Chakiri – Instagram: moechakiri – Tumblr: – Email: